Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Georgette Heyer Week

It's Georgette Heyer Week over at MayMay's Memos!!

If you're not a big romance fan, you may not know how deeply Ms. Heyer's works have influenced thousands of romance writers (the published and the not-published, I'm sure).

The savvy folk at Sourcebooks understand the sort of power Ms. Heyer had. They are reprinting many of her books -- how many, I don't know and I'd dig it up but I'd really like to work on my own books today, so if you know, leave it in the comments and I'll edit this post.

Maymay's going to give four of Ms. Heyer's books away at the end of the week.

Start here, at this post. You'll have to remember to go back and check out the rest of the week's offerings, but I promise, this is one bookmark you'll be glad you make!

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