Thursday, May 21, 2009


The Demo Tapes: Year 1

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking: Susan really only runs Win a Book to promote herself, and here's more proof of that. Yawn.

After a day like yesterday, when Win a Book was ALL I did, I hope you really don't think that way!

If you're wondering what's so great about me and my fictional world, head on over to chic Book Reviews, where Amy has gone from being confused about Trevor to joining the Trevolution whole-heartedly.

And she's giving you the chance to do so, too.

Yep, she's giving away her copy of ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes -- Year 1. It's a thin book and she doesn't say, so ... ask if you're an international friend.

Go follow the rules, which include coming to visit me at the Meet and Greet at West of Mars. If you haven't been by, why not??? I thought you loved me!

Okay. Blatant self-promotion over for the moment. Back to our regular stuff in a few.

Use this link.

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