Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Cemetery Dance

Have you experienced the goodness that is authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child? Do you want to listen to creepy tales that are just delicious enough to run a shiver up your back but still let you have peaceful slumber?

I've got the audio books for you.

Or, well. Really. Carol over at Carol's Notebook does. Me, I'm just telling you about them.

She's got two copies of Cemetery Dance (which I still need to read) to share with her readers. Again, this is an audio!

You have until June 3 to enter, and only if you live in the US or Canada and don't rely on a PO Box for your mail. (Be like me. Abuse your friends! They don't mind if you give them first reading rights, you know. Usually.)

Check out all the rules and stuff via this link.

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