Friday, May 29, 2009


The Scarecrow (and) Cemetery Dance (audios)

Mary K From LA has got TWO great gives that are making me drool. Hard.

She's got UNABRIDGED AUDIO books (three copies of each) to share. And they are doozies.

The first is Michael Connelly's The Scarecrow. I'm still bummed I can't go see him when he's in town this weekend. Kids. Family. You know how it is; no wonder we need to escape into a good book on a regular basis!

The other audio book is ... well, it's from more authors whose most recent appearance I had to miss ('cause I didn't know about it!). It's Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. Or Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. You pick. The book is Cemetery Dance. You KNOW you want to listen to this one with the lights up!

Your hostess (or, where Mary K From LA blogs) is Just One More Page... or Two. This is a US/Canada/street address only contest. And you have to mention which book you want. I don't think you can win both, unless you get really lucky.

Good luck choosing. I sure can't.

You have until June 21 to enter. Use this link.

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