Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Not only are the folks at Fabulous Canadian Freebies giving away their first book, they are sweetening the deal nicely: with your choice of one of three Dove chocolate prize packs.

I'm drooling at the mere thought of that chocolate, but that's hardly a new condition over here...

The book is called Pavane, and it was written by Keith Roberts. It's a historical and man, it looks cool. I hope there are more chances to bring this book to your attention.

Now... the bad news (but good for you, Dar!): This is open ONLY to Canadians, including you evil Quebecois. (Did I spell that right? Let's see... E...V...)

Use this link and ignore my joke about evilness. After all, Mario Lemieux is HARDLY evil. (I can't say the same for those Washington Capitals originally from the province, however.)

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