Wednesday, May 20, 2009


No One You Know

Caribou's Mom has more than just one heck of an adorable puppy. She's got a copy of NO One You Know, the novel by Michelle Richmond, to share. It's even a signed copy -- whee!

This is restricted to the US and Canada only (It seems us PO Box holders got lucky with this one!), and Caribou's Mommy has been kind enough to post all sorts of great links for you to use as you explore the book, Ms. Richmond's backlist, and a bit about the author herself.

Use this link to check it all out and to even enter yourself. Do it before May 26 if you want to win! The information, of course, will be there forever...

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Thanks for the link, Susan :) I gave Raven a scratch behind the ears and a hug from you!
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