Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Monday Book Giveaway at Stone SouP

It's time for Monday Book Giveaway on Stone SouP. For next week, once again you can choose Any Book She's Mentioned. It can be a book she's already given away (such as Tender Graces), one she's talked about on the blog (such as Grave Goods), a book on any of her four giveaway shelves, or something she's reviewed.

To enter, just comment with the title you want and come back Monday to see if she's drawn your name from one of her hats. Contest open to anyone on the planet who has access to reliable mail service. Use this link.

(h/t to Sunny @ The Library)


My google skills are good, so I found the blog but...

I think you might want to edit this one and add a link. :)
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