Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Aaugh! Really! Stop the torture!!

Yep, more copies of Joshilyn Jackson's The Girl who Stopped Swimming, thanks to Marie at The Burton Review this time.

BUT here's the catch: Marie wants 100 Followers. If you send a friend over and that friend names your name, you'll get FIVE entries into the contest. Of course, the friend has to be a bona fide follower; that's the whole point here!

Winners must be in the US or Canada, but books can't be delivered to PO Boxes.

And there are other ways to gain entries, too. Go read the rules and decide what to do. Are you a follower? Maybe you should be....

Use this link. You have until May 23.

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LOL :)we'll just keep torturing you

I had scrapped this giveaway a couple weeks ago, since I saw It EVERYWHERE...

But... well.... I was bored... the toddler is sleeping on me and I am afraid to move lest the devil should wake.
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