Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dark Hunger (Graphic Novel)

Ever wanted to understand the power of a graphic novel -- a novel-length comic book -- but wasn't sure where to start?

Ever wanted your favorite characters to exist as more than black and white print on a page?

Ever been such a Christine Feehan fan that you couldn't get enough?

Ever wanted something cool????

Shaunie's got a fix for you. She's giving away her gently-read, BookCrossing-registered copy of Christine Feehan's Dark Hunger. This is the graphic novel version of Feehan's novel; you can watch the story come to life.

Enter at Shaunie's Happy Place before June 13, and tell Shaunie what were creature you'd like to be. Yes, you readers of some of the big book review blogs, were-hamsters count.

Use this link.

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