Thursday, May 21, 2009


Christie Craig

On June 2, Christie Craig will be giving away a copy of her latest humorous romantic suspense release GOTCHA at three different blog spots!

Christie's blogs always promise a chuckle. And this week they also promise to give one lucky person who posts a comment at each blog a prize of a book along with some promo items.

She will be blogging at her regular Tuesday blog spot of Killer Fiction.

At The Writing Playground, she will list ten of the stupidest things she's ever done. And at Something Wicked, she will be posting some armchair psychology about finding a hero in real life and in fiction.

All during June you can pop over to Dorchester Pub and read the special feature of Christie's defining moment in her life that inspired her not only to write humorous romantic suspense but her latest release GOTCHA! Also posted at Dorchester's site are the details of another Christie Craig contest where one person will win a basket of books and goodies.

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