Friday, May 1, 2009


Beach Trip

Ahh, the sun's out and my AC just kicked on (yes, I hate having it on so early in the year, but for the comfort of the West of Mars website, we had to. Don't ask!)... must be time to start collecting our beach reads for the upcoming summer.

Author Cathy Holton has teamed up with our good friends at Enroute to Life to bring you FOUR copies of Ms. Holton's latest book, Beach Trip.

You have until Next Friday, May 8 (the capitals make it seem important!) -- and you must be in the US and Canada. Know those stories about authors being rich? HA. The only profession that pays less in proportion to the amount of time, tears, and dreams is motherhood. Trust me. I know.

Use this link and take advantage of the multiple entries!

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