Saturday, April 4, 2009


A Walk Through a Window

There is a skateboard-related limerick giveaway at Darby's blog, Darby Speaks ...Darby being the main character of K. C. Dyer's latest YA book, A Walk Through A Window.

The winner will receive a copy of K. C. Dyer's new book A Walk Through A Window, plus a copy of a book of Canadian poetry. (More on that title, later.)

Here's what you have to do to win: They are going to start with a subject near and dear to her heart -- skateboarding. Because riding a board is such a phat and phun phenomena, it needs a snappy poetic form. How about a limerick?

Enter as often as you like -- one limerick at a time.

This drawing is for next Friday... April 10th, that is.

Drop by here to enter with your limerick!


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