Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Public Service Announcement:

It's Spring Break West of Mars, so Susan's packing up her kids and her Tour Manager and heading west for a few days. (Yes, farther west than she was on Saturday!)

That means Bridget is the only one minding the shop.

Please be nice to her. Bridget's my best friend and she's the reason this place is going strong.

If you're one of those people who knows I pull your contests out of my reader, you might want to write yourself a note to use the handy-dandy e-mail here on the sidebar for the next week. I'll be offline most of the next seven days. My Google Reader will be ugly when I return ('cause it ain't pretty now!)

Happy Passover or Easter or whatever you celebrate.

Have fun out west! I'll try not to overwhelm Bridget (but I'll have a giveaway to post tomorrow, lol!)... =)
Have a blast Susan! Hey come on down to Arizona! Bridget...be patient with us. :)

Have a great spring break!
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