Monday, April 27, 2009


One Deadly Sin

Ahh, the paranormal infiltrates Win a Book. It's been happening in dribs and drabs; are you ready for more?

We've got Annie Solomon's One Deadly Sin over at Morbid Romantic, yet another blog name. (I swear, if I ever need to name another blog, I'm asking you guys to do it! Me, I come up Win a Book. You guys... well, sheesh. Take a look at what you created!)

Five copies of One Deadly Sin are up for grabs. Need to know more? Use the links at Morbid Romantic to visit the author's site, among other places. And yep, there's the book's cover blurb, too.

This is a US/Canada only contest, with no PO Box addresses allowed, please.

Use this link by May 8.

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