Saturday, April 11, 2009


Marta's Meanderings - 2 Giveaways

Boomer Beauties Giveaway at Marta's Meanderings! Bobbi Brown Living Beauty and How Not to Look Old by Charla Krupp. Open to US and Canada only, no PO Boxes. You must comment letting Marta know your favorite anti-aging trick/secret, or are you just aging gracefully? Giveaway ends April 17th.

Use this link.

Virtual Girl's Night Out Giveaway This time, it's for Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch and I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti by Giulia Melucci. Again, only for US and Canada and no PO boxes. Comment on her site. Contest ends April 17th.

Click here.

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