Friday, April 3, 2009


Flipping Out

Now THAT's a great title. Lady T over at Living Read Girl is having fun with it, so I won't steal her thunder. Yet.

She's also got a SIGNED copy (those have been rare around here lately, huh?) of Marshall Karp's latest entry in his Lomax and Biggs series. But... you'll have to work for it. Lady T wants to know some things. Easy things. Don't sweat.

You have until Sunday to enter. Yep, it's a fast one. That just means you'll get your book that much faster; think of it that way! (It's coming from the publisher, so this is most likely a US/Canada only contest)

Best of all, Lady T promises us that you can read the books out of order in this series. No need to start at the beginning. Jump right on in and do some Flipping Out.

Use this link.

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