Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bookview Cafe - Twitter-Fic Contest

Now, here's a contest of a different nature for ya!

Book View Cafe Holds Twitter-Fic contest is holding its very first Twitter-Fic contest! The task: To write a complete story incorporating the contest theme in one tweet (126 characters or fewer). First place prize: An autographed copy of Pati Nagle's brand new release THE BETRAYAL. Second and third place prizes to be announced. The judges: A crack team of noted authors: Pati Nagle, Jennifer Stevenson and Sarah Zettel. Stories will be judged on creative use of the theme and the medium. Winners will be announced next week at Book View Cafe.

The Theme: Elf meets Vampire

The timeline: The contest opens at 9 am EST Friday April 10 and closes 9pm Sunday April 12.

Where: Twitter:


1) Up to five entries per twitterer.
2) One tweet per entry.
3) All work must be original to the twitterer.
4) No obscenity. If you can't say it on network TV between the hours of 10pm-12pm you can't say it here.
5) No late entries will be considered.
6) No early entries will be considered.
7) Tweet your entry @bookviewcafe (type "@bookviewcafe" and a space, then your story, into your update box). All entries must BEGIN with @bookviewcafe.

Once the contest begins, the entries may be viewed here.

New on Twitter and need help? Check here.

Need more info? Contact by clicking here.

Good Luck everyone!

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