Friday, April 3, 2009


Romance Contest

In celebration of the release of her novel, Willow, author Julia Hoban and company have put together a heck of a giveaway.


It's a bit confusing, especially if you're a bit frazzled like me, so read the post carefully. But here are some of the books you can win (all ARC copies):

Night's Rose by Annaliese Evans

Salt and Silver by Anna Katherine

Stolen Magic by Esri Rose

The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor

Dangerous Prey by Lindsay McKenna

Undying by V.K. Forrest

Kiss & Hell by Dakota Cassidy

There's a million ways to win, especially if you buy a copy of Willow. Before April 30, folks. You've got time to save that Starbucks money. (and hey, a book is WAY better than Starbucks. No calories and carrying it around actually burns a few!)

Check it all out via this link.


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