Monday, March 16, 2009


The Unearthed

Ruthie, over at Books Books and more Books, has great music playing on her blog. It's Korn, and it's my FAVORITE Korn song. And it's drowning out my Mandatory Metallica on
XM. Does this make me not a man?

(that's a lyric. I know darn well I'm a woman)

Oh. We're here to talk books? Really? Okay, then. We've got an awesome one for you -- it's author Brian O'Rourke who's stopped by Ruthie's place for an interview -- and a free copy of his latest release from Lyrical Press, The Unearthed.

You've got until March 20 to enter and hey, did I mention that The Unearthed is an E-BOOK??? That's right. Anyone with an e-mail address can enter, and yep, you CAN read right on this same screen that you're using to read me gush about Korn and Lyrical Press and Ruthie and Brian O'Rourke's new e-book called The Unearthed.

Use this link.

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I know you are a woman so you can stop worring about if your a man or not...yet anyways at Ruthie's nothing is showing up except that guy singing.
Don't know if you can do anything yet thought I'd let you know!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com
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