Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Too Hot to Handle

Marie over at The Burton Review needs some help.

You see, she'd like to give away her gently-read ARC copy of Robin Kaye's Too Hot to Handle. It's not quite that easy, though. Ms. Kaye is stopping by The Burton Review for an interview, and Marie wants to know what WE want to hear from Ms. Kaye. The person with the best question gets the book.

I know it's hard to ask good questions about a book you haven't read yet. So does Marie; that's why she's posted a link to the author's website. Maybe that'll provide inspiration.

Yeah, it's a little bit of work, but won't it be worth it when a published author answers YOUR question? (What? You're so used to interviews now that you're jaded? Go back to that excitement you used to have. Tap into that.)

Use this link by April 5.

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LOL Thanks for that.. Maybe I went about the giveaway the wrong way.. but it was worth a shot ;)
~ Marie at The Burton Review
Just wanted to say that the author Dropped by and said she will pitch into the giveaway with TWO Signed Copies of her book! I'm jealous of my winners to be! I am reading it now and LOVING it, much to my delight!
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