Thursday, March 5, 2009


Suvudu in business!

Okay, Suduvu isn't exactly the easiest word to type. In fact, like an old-time Pittsburgh band whose name I could never get right (I called them NECRADECIA when their name was NECRACEDIA), Suvudu isn't any better.

But they have some fantastic things to offer readers. For free, too!

You'll have to register for this service, but they are offering free books from Robin Hobb (a favorite of mine) and Naomi Novik. And more! (Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars series, anyone?)

The idea is to offer the first book in a series. You know, so you'll get hooked and run out to your local independent bookstore and buy the rest.

If you've wanted a safe way to investigate some of the best in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, this is it, gang. You can't beat a free book and if you don't like it?

Use that delete key!

Yes, it IS that simple.

Register and everything else via this link.

(Did I mention Robin Hobb???????)

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