Monday, March 16, 2009


Sheldon Rusch three-fer

Drey's keeping the library hopping by conducting her first interview! Yay, Drey! Her victim/guinea pig/gracious author of the day is none other than Sheldon Rusch, who has written three books that Drey describes as crime fiction: For Edgar, The Boy with Perfect Hands, and Separated at Death.

You can own your own set of Rusch's three novels, compliments of Drey and Mr. Rusch himself. This is for our US and Canadian friends, and those of us with PO Boxes are out of luck. (sigh) And we should sigh; the interview is great and who doesn't like a good crime novel???

Act before March 27. There are some extra ways to win.

Use this link.

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Awwww, thank you for the giggle... I'm sure Sheldon would appreciate being tagged a victim or guinea pig... Which we have, btw. Courtesy of a name drawing at the little man's school, we're temporary caretakers (for Spring Break) of a guinea pig named Candy. Who's a boy. Apparently. =P
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