Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Peter S. Beagle Book Set

Win a set of Peter S. Beagle books at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist!

In order to get even more people to sample and appreciate the author's work, the folks at Tachyon Publications will hook up two lucky winners with a copy of the novel A Fine and Private Place. Even better, they will also throw in a copy of Beagle's new collection of short stories, We Never Talk About My Brother, into the mix!

The rules are the same as usual. You need to send an email at reviews@gryphonwood.net with the header "BROTHER."

Second, your email must contain your full mailing address (that's snail mail!), otherwise your message will be deleted.

Lastly, multiple entries will disqualify whoever sends them. And please include your screen name and the message boards that you frequent using it, if you do hang out on a particular MB.

Click here to enter.

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