Wednesday, March 18, 2009


How I Got to be Whoever It Is I Am

One thing I like about Drey, of Drey's library: she's like me. You can always count on her to have something a little bit off the beaten path but still really amazingly cool.

In this case, it's five copies of Charles Grodin's How I Got to be Whoever It Is I Am. This guy is my new hero; he got thrown out of Hebrew school. Know how many times I'd tried to accomplish exactly that???

That's only one small part of the man. In fact, the way Drey tells it, there's SO much more to this guy, it's amazing.

Check it out and if you're in the US and/or Canada, but don't have a PO Box, throw your name in the hat for a copy of this. It looks awesome.

Use this link by March 29.

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