Friday, March 27, 2009


Girls in Trucks

If all these girls are in trucks, where are the boys? Are they the ones stuck driving the minivans????

Yep, it's more copies of Girls in Trucks for you. Five copies, in fact, offered by our good pal Lisa at Books Ahoy! How can you resist another chance at this new book written by Katie Crouch? (It has a great cover, which does not evoke MY mental image that the title inspires)

This is, once again, a US and Canada only contest, with no PO Box addresses, please. And yes, I looked at my box today and sighed ... until I saw the flat envelope within it. I feel your pain, fellow PO Box people.

You have until April 7, but don't delay. You aren't, after all, Scarlett O' Hara!

Use this link.

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