Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Freezing Point

Karen Dionne, author of Freezing Point has announced her new book, Boiling Point will be released in October, 2010 from Berkley. You can check out her blog about this new book here.

In honor of this, she's having the following contest:

Answer the question below for a chance to win a boxed set of the BBC's Planet Earth series on DVD, a bottle of genuine iceberg water, or a signed copy of Freezing Point along with a "Freezing Point" brand lip balm from her rapidly dwindling supply.

"Are there more, or fewer polar bears on earth today than there were 50
years ago?"

Send your answer to: Karen Dionne (karendionne@bksp.org) with "Freezing Point Contest" in the subject line. One entry per person, please.

Want more chances to win? Send her a list of the places you've posted about the contest along with your entry, and Karen will enter your name once for each posting!

Contest ends May 15, 2009.


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