Friday, February 6, 2009


The Terror

Yes, we must help Dan Simmons take over the world! Rhapsodyinbooks' Weblog has five copies of The Terror (US and Canada only, no PO Boxes, please!) to share.

Terrifying thought, I know. Dan Simmons taking over the world? Truly. Terrifying. We all know Susan's supposed to do that! (Did any of you buy that?)

Unlike Rhapsody's contest for the Italian Lover, there are no fun and extravagant ways to enter (what? You don't want to visit the Northwest Passage, Rhapsody??), but there are multiple ways to throw your name in the hat.

You have until February 16 to do it. Go for it. (and then you can help Susan take over the world, okay, Pinky?)

Use this link.

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