Monday, February 9, 2009


The Laws of Harmony

Julie, our favorite Booking Mama, is the first person I've seen with copies -- five, of course -- of Judith Ryan Hendricks' new novel, The Laws of Harmony.

I've e-mailed a few times with Ms. Hendricks. She's quite lovely. I hope to see her name here more, especially for interviews and guest blogs -- yes, that's a hint!

So. Stop on by Booking Mama's cool blog and see what it's all about. Julie wrote a great review; how can you resist the book after words like these? (and then there's the book trailer and an interview, too. Talk about thorough!)

Lots of ways to enter. Check 'em out before February 20.

Use this link.

PS -- since this is coming from a different publisher than usual, this is a US ONLY contest! Thanks to avisannschild for the heads up.

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This is actually coming from a different publisher (Harper Collins, not Hachette), so it's only open to U.S. residents... (which makes me unhappy because I'm in Canada!).
Thanks for the link love! I wanted to spare other Canadians the disappointment of realizing they were not eligible for this giveaway... :)
I meant, of course, of going to the blog and then realizing they weren't eligible (the disappointment is unavoidable!).
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