Monday, February 9, 2009


Celebrating African Americans Giveaway

Ahh, Hachette's at it again. Did you see my last post, where they are expanding the love of Valentine's Day into the month of March? Well, now they are expanding African-American history month into March as well. Fine by me; why do we take one month to celebrate people? Shouldn't we be doing it all year long?

Cheryl's Book Nook is helping break down this month-only thing. Partnering with Hachette Books, she's got these for you:

1. The American Journey of Barack Obama By The Editors of Life Magazine
2. Fledgling By Octavia Butler
3. Stand the Storm By Breena Clarke
4. Red River By Lalita Tademy
5. Keep the Faith: A Memoir By Faith Evans
6. Say You're One of Them By Uwem Akpan
7. The Shack By William Young
8. The Bishop's Daughter By Tiffany Warren

Ooh. That Lalita Tademy is on my wishlist... And Octavia Butler? A genius.

Good stuff on this list.

To enter, tell Cheryl who your favorite African-American writer is. Unfortunately, since the publisher's sucking up the postage costs, this is a US and Canada only contest, with no PO Boxes allowed.

There are other ways to enter, as well. Check it all out before March 27, via this link.


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