Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Blood Harvest

I know I tell many of you guys that all you need to do is send us a url (to the permalink, please!) of your contest and we'll do the rest.

Still, it's super to meet a new blogger who takes the time to say nice and flattering things. I'm a writer, remember. I've got a fragile ego! (I can hear some of you laughing so hard, you've just sprayed your keyboards with coffee. Explain THAT to the local IT guy!)

Wife and Momma of 3 is hosting a Read in the Bathtub day, which sounds delish. (You e-reader folk, put it in a plastic bag -- and seal that sucker! -- before doing this) She's actually holding it at her book review blog, The Book Faery Reviews, but you can enter at Wife and Momma of 3. The book? Blood Harvest, written by Brant Randall.

Check out the options for entries, too. Wow!

Use this link before February 9.

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